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Are you a parent, teacher, or caregiver—or do you know someone who is?

Or are you looking for a way to help parents, caregivers, or teachers vastly enhance the ways they interact with kids?

Do you wish you could get out of auto-pilot, help kids learn from their mistakes and arguments, and interact with them in fun, engaging ways that help them thrive?

But as a speech pathologist and Harvard lecturer, I knew we could be doing more. I knew of the power of daily conversation, as a low-hanging fruit right in front of us, at every moment we were with our kids.

Through the ways we listened and talked, we could turbo-boost children’s language and learning, and help them become far more empathetic, open, confident, and creative. What’s more, these conversations could be engaging and fun, adding joy, excitement, and pleasure into all our lives.

As a Harvard lecturer and frequent speaker (both in-person and online), I love sharing the methods I’ve developed with parents, schools, districts, organizations, and anyone who cares for, works with, raises, or teaches kids!

From my years of research, teaching, and clinical work, I’ve developed a three-part methodology for having “rich talk” with kids. It’s a powerful way to build their skills at home and school, to enhance your daily interactions, and to create a more positive culture in your family or school.

Options to Suit You

My speaking and consulting includes flexible options designed to meet every need. I’m available to serve as a one-time workshop leader or podcast guest, as well as to give teacher professional development and parent workshops. I’m also happy to visit your school or parent group. Options include:

  • A three-part workshop, in which participants learn and practice the routines of “rich talk,” and come away with an action plan;
  • An interactive half-day experience, including role-plays and working through roadblocks;
  • A research-based lecture series for professionals, grad students, and others interested in the science of enhanced communication.

I also provide ongoing short- and long-term coaching and consulting for parents and parent groups, schools, and organizations interested in the topics of the book.

Please contact me for further information or to set up a free consultation. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your needs.

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