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Work with Rebecca

Services Rebecca provides include the following:

Parent Services

Individualized or group coaching sessions over Zoom to:

  • Offer support and practice to enhance conversations within the family;
  • Identify and work through challenges in family communication;
  • Discuss your child’s profile of language strengths and challenges and, if needed, find appropriate resources;
  • Understand and overcome roadblocks or ruts in you or your child’s communication style;
  • Explore potential language deficits or delays and identify best next steps;
  • Strategize ways to communicate effectively with kids in specific situations.

I also provide ongoing short- and long-term coaching and consulting for parents and parent groups, schools, and organizations interested in the topics of the book.

Please contact Rebecca for further information.

For more about why I wrote The Art of Talking with Children, see this introductory video.

School, District, and Organizational Services

Coaching, workshops, and professional development to:

  • Strategize to make your school or district a more language-rich environment;
  • Transform the school or organizational culture through a focus on talk;
  • Offer trainings and workshops in the Rich Talk methodology;
  • Evaluate a school or organization’s language environment and offer suggestions for improvement;
  • Support a holistic understanding of children’s learning and needs;
  • Learn how to integrate rich talk and dialogue into a curriculum;
  • Explore the potential for rich talk to enhance children’s creativity and play;
  • Educate faculty or colleagues on research-based strategies for having rich talk with kids, and the many benefits of doing so;
  • Teach adults to understand and enhance their own communication styles

Please contact Rebecca for further information.

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