Opinion Pieces And Articles

Screen Time Isn't Bad for Kids, if It's Shared With Parents
Screen Time Can Benefit Children
Study: Screentime can be beneficial for children if it involves positive interactions
The Opportunity of AI: How ChatGPT Can Revitalize US Education
We Are Turning Children Into People Who Act Robotically
Harvard Graduate School of Education Logo
The Art of Talking With Children
New Research Shows Why Kids Need Play for Mental Health
The ABCs of Having A Conversation With Your Child
4 Ways to Harness Your Focus and Creativity
Authority Magazine: Interview With Harvard University’s Rebecca Rolland
Purposeful Conversations: Everyday Ways to Reap the Benefits of Talking With Your Kids
Kappan: Let's Bring The Art of Deeper Conversation Into Schools
Beta Shepherd: The Best Books to Have Great Conversations With Kids
In Our Pandemic Era, Why We Must Teach Our Children Compassion
Cognoscenti Logo
Cognoscenti: Why Play Matters — No Matter How Old You Are
Cognoscenti Logo
Cognoscenti/NPR: When Legos mean war: Are our toys too violent?
Interview with Rebecca Rolland, Author of ‘The Art of Talking with Children’
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Education Week: We’re racing through K-12 education
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Salon: How Americans’ obsession with structured playtime is stifling our kids
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USA Today: We’re missing a big preschool opportunity

Selected Radio / Podcast Interviews

Mommies Tell All — The Art of Talking with Children with Rebecca Rolland
Kansas Public Radio with Dan Skinner — Rebecca Rolland, "The Art of Talking With Children"
Podcast with Doug Miles Radio
The Kathryn Zox Show — “Your social worker with a microphone”
VURBL Podcast — “This Needs to Be Read”
The Dolewite Podcast
Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health — "How to Communicate With Children"
Voice America — "Resiliency Within"
The Fit Mess Podcast — "How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You Without The Yelling, Ultimatums, And Bribes"
The Storybox Podcast — "The Art of Effective Communication"
Education Talk Radio — "Building Relationships And Connections With Students Through Real Conversation"
Books on Pod — Rebecca Rolland on "The Art of Talking With Children”
Guy Kawasaki — Rebecca Rolland: The Linguist Path to Enhancing Relationships
Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan — The Art of Talking with Children with Rebecca Rolland
Podcast with KMOX - The Voice of St. Louis, “The Art of Talking with Children when it Comes to Ukraine”
Podcast with WCCO — NewsTalk 830, Minnesota
(US Listeners Only)
WGRT—102.3, LIMElight with Jessie Wiegand — “Learning how to talk to your kids”
The Grand Life Podcast, on “Talking WITH grands”
Motherhood Unstressed Podcast — Rebecca Rolland on, The Art of Talking With Children”
Dyslexics Wanted — Rebecca Rolland on, The Art of Talking With Children”
Kepp Calm Mother On! with Christy Thomas — The Art of Talking With Kids featuring Rebecca Rolland”
The Dad Edge Podcast — The Art of Talking With Children with Dr. Rebecca Rolland”
Lesley University — Rebecca Rolland on "The Art of Talking With Children”
The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Podcast — "How To Communicate With Children”
The Learning Scientists — "Talking About Talking With Children: An Interview With Rebecca Rolland”

Personal Essay / Memoir

Tampa Review: “We don’t throw sand”: Uncovering the impulse toward others
Kveller: Sending my daughter to Jewish preschool reconnected me with my roots
Brain, Child Magazine: The odds of growing up
Mothers always write: How I learned to love winter

Parenting / Teaching Articles

Huffington Post: Four questions to let parenting change us:
Power of moms: Five questions to ask at the dinner table
EdSurge: Twelve days of devices: Using technology with kids over the holidays
Edutopia: Building vocabulary through fun and games:
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