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Salon: How Americans’ obsession with structured playtime is stifling our kids

As the American mother of a 4-year-old girl, with a French husband, I’ve gotten a chance to see playtime from both sides of the pond. Over the years, I’ve also gained a new set of both French and American “mommy friends,” who often pepper me with questions about whether the French truly parent better, as Pamela Druckerman argues in her book “Bringing Up Bebe.”

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USA Today: We’re missing a big preschool opportunity

Universal preschool has made its way into the presidential campaign, with Hillary Clinton backing more federal investment and Philadelphia’s sugary drink tax while Donald Trump suggests that “there’s nothing like starting young.”

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Cognoscenti: Why Play Matters — No Matter How Old You Are

As a concept, play can feel fuzzy, or idyllic, bringing up visions of clambering through open fields or shooting marbles, 1950s style, in someone’s backyard. The idea has often been connected to a happy childhood, as if childhood and play are completely intertwined.

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Cognoscenti/NPR: When Legos mean war: Are our toys too violent?

In May, a study came out in the online journal PLOS One showing that Lego sets have become increasingly violent over time. As lead researcher Christoph Bartneck found, at least 30 percent of Lego sets now contain weapons, an “exponential increase” from their start in 1949.

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Education Week: We’re racing through K-12 education

It was only a bit after 6 in the morning, and I was already on the public bus to work. As a speech-language pathologist working at a high school, I had the same schedule as the students’. Often, while observing students or working with their teachers, I followed them around from class to class.

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Learning About Love: How schools can better prepare students for romantic relationships

Freud argued that two things mattered most in a life: work and love. This country devotes staggering amounts of attention to education and other forms of career preparation. But what do we do to prepare young people for love?

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WGRT—102.3, LIMElight with Jessie Wiegand - “Learning how to talk to your kids”
The Grand Life Podcast, on “Talking WITH grands”

Personal Essay / Memoir

Tampa Review: “We don’t throw sand”: Uncovering the impulse toward others
Kveller: Sending my daughter to Jewish preschool reconnected me with my roots
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Mothers always write: How I learned to love winter

Parenting / Teaching Articles

Huffington Post: Four questions to let parenting change us:
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Edutopia: Building vocabulary through fun and games:
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