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Rebecca lives in Boston with her husband and two conversation-loving kids.

Before writing her book, she worked as a speech pathologist for over a decade in hospitals, clinics, and schools, where she grew to know and love so many children and families. She serves as an Oral and Written Language Specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, and has worked as an Academic Learning Specialist at a Montessori school, where she oversaw the learning and development of 300-odd kids, met with parents, and gave teachers professional development.

Currently she teaches on the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Medical School and also advises the World Bank on curriculum development. She’s passionate about writing in multiple genres and is also a fiction writer, memoirist, and poet.

Rebecca Rolland’s book, The Art of Talking with Children, will be available in March in English, and later in six other languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Korean.

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